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ESOP Solutions™- Protect Your Most Valuable Client Relationships with Your Own Expert, Customized, Turnkey ESOP Solution

ESOP Solutions™  The proprietary, one-stop shop, turnkey ESOP feasibility and transaction offering designed to optimize advisor’s and business owner’s results.

It’s Hard to Sell a Business Now

Business owners face increasing problems in unlocking the liquidity in their companies for retirement, family or estate planning needs.

  • Fewer banks are lending on outright purchases
  • Control is lost
  • Family member’s involvement in the business can be hindered or lost completely
  • An emotional attachment to business and community reputation interests
  • They can’t find acceptable buyer
  • Inherent issues with business (eg, labor problems, environmental issues)

Why Offer You a Customized ESOP Solution to Clients Right Now?

An ESOP permits the owner to achieve liquidity without selling outright.  The owner can retain ownership while also capturing significant assets.  They can also

  • Transform some or all of the value of a private business into a pool of liquid assets
  • While preserving control over the business
  • Family matters and business involvement can be protected and assuredThe client’s assets can be diversified and structured by the advisor to meet future personal, business, family and community

However, an ESOP transaction is complex and requires an experienced and truly expert professional team to execute.  Rich and Co. brings that team and expert knowledge to you and your clients.

Protecting Your Relationships – Defending Your Book of Business

All of the major and regional financial services firms and lawyers and accountants will soon be presenting ESOP programs to the wealthiest business owners and your clients.

If they, instead of you, get that transaction, you will lose:

  • The assets and revenue from that relationship All the potential, on-going corporate businessAll the relationships with family members and subsequent generations
  • All the relationships with executives at the company By the time you find out about a client’s ESOP transaction – it will be too late.

You Lead A Turn-key Team And Solution With Recognized Experts – Working for You and Your Clients

Rich and Co. gives you a turn-key ESOP solution to offer to your client as proprietary to you.  It includes:

  • You will have customized turn-key program for presenting, evaluating and executing ESOP options for your clientsIt is possible to have exclusive access to our turn-key solution for your key markets
  • This can become a unique differentiator for your firm and deliver a substantial increase in AUM.

Note: This is a confidential offer and restricted. Please contact us confidentially for details.  Please be advised, we have to select only the best professionals to work with.  These matters require a high level of professional standards and skill.


Written by Rich and Co.

July 28, 2010 at 9:46 am

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