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Short, Professional Videos Retain and Attract Clients

As marketing consultants, we are insisting that our clients do short (3-5 min) videos mainly telling stories of how they solve problems for their clients.  Note:  All our clients are recognized experts in their specific technical specialties.

Videos are really just another social media tactic and tool.  But scattering videos without a social media strategy and processes is wasteful.

We have found videos exceptionally productive fro new business.  We propose for these reasons:

  • Our brains, largely unconsciously, default accept people we see, and hear, in videos as familiar.  This is the “celebrity friendship” effect — we feel we “know” someone we see and hear in a video
  • Videos are respectful of the listeners time since they can be run in the back ground and are easily available on smartphones.  All of us are living more of our lives on smartphones.  As we ask our clients: “Do you want to force people to ‘fire-up’ their computers to get at your expert IP?”  

If it isn’t “always-on” and easily viewable — people won’t go to it anymore.

However, we have found:

  • It’s critical to have a foundation of a social media network in-place prior to the videos to both broadcast the videos and (most importantly) collect prospects and new business back in.
  • Website videos are fine but we see websites as way too static and passive and going the way of the brochure.

Please also have a writer or professional communicator craft, review and edit all professional videos.  Embarrassing videos are forever on the web and there is serious reputation risk.

If your videos are mainly sales pitches and do not bring expert-value — save your time.  They will likely hurt your reputation and no one will watch them.

BTW, the videos do not have to be expensive and slick/expensive videos can actually come across as unprofessional/too salesy.

Here are links to professional usage:  Advisors article link,  Mutual fund article link, Lawyers adopting professional videos

Tell us about your experience.


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December 20, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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