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Why Apple Always Wins

Some lessons here for professionals of all kinds.  What do we focus on?  Our needs/wants/likes or our clients?  from the Twitter-o-sphere:

“Consumers don’t think about “computers” or “systems” or “operating systems” or “open” or “proprietary” anything.  They don’t care about RAM, CPU, memory, open source, OS, whatever. {These are all things the engineers like!} They buy:

  • Gizmos to help them listen to music
  • Gadgets to let them watch videos
  • Thingies to let them talk to friends
  • Doodads to let them surf the internets
  • Doohickeys to let them play games
  • Thingamabobs to let them get on the FacebookWhatsits to let them get work done.

And they want to buy one that just works and is easy and fun to use.Apple’s competitors have never figured this out. They still sell “computers” which are plastic boxes with names like “p6780ta” (that is an actual HP desktop) and advertise their quad core i5 DDR dual 64-bit flash ROM Ghz whatever.

You go to a dumb Best Buy, are assaulted by 6 dozen options, talk to a clueless rep, get your plastic box home, find out the desktop is cluttered with dumbware, then the keys fall off in a month.

Apple has tightly integrated hardware, software, apps, content, retail, and support to provide seamless experience. Apple has even bought a metal company!

It simply does not matter what industry folks think about open or closed systems. People go into a Toyota dealership and buy a Toyota. A Gap store to buy Gap. An Apple store to buy Apple. And why wouldn’t they?”


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January 26, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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