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DC Stakeholders are Bystanders as National Media Bullies DC System

Simply, no one is willing to speak-up, stand-up and show-up for the DC system.

Below is a link to just the latest “drive by” demonizing article short on data and very long on dramatic accusations and innuendo.  ”Crying wolf” is always a great way to get and keep attention.  The truth is the first victim.

There are also very strong and well-funded anti-DC forces working behind the scenes.  And they are clearly winning the battles for the hearts and minds of editors, producers, the public and policy makers.

This editorial policy is a symptom, however.  The problem is the complete absence of balanced reporting, evidence and basic fact-checking from DC system stakeholders — all of us, not just providers.  We are discussing this on Linked In groups.

Forbes Blog – “GAO Slams 401(k) Plans for Conflicts of Interest

The nation’s 401(k) retirement plans are riddled with conflicts of interest that are causing financial damage to tens of millions of savers,”


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February 28, 2011 at 6:14 pm

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