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Someone Is Standing Up for 401(k) System — At Last! PSCA’s Midwest Conference.

Here is a press release from PSCA for their up coming conference.  We don’t think celebration of necessary but just basic hard-headed evidence-and fact-based transparency, reporting and disclosure.

But there is a lot to celebrate.  The 401(k) system has always been seen (and dismissed) as the “kid” in the pension world.  Well, this “kid” is well into its later “teen” years.  Contrary to popular media and some commentators — the 401(k) system is not a “delinquent.”

Well, this “kid” is well into its later “teen” years.  The 401(k) system is a big, strong, (very) fast growing, intelligent and well-mannered “young adult.”

“PSCA Will Celebrate the Strength of the Defined Contribution System at the Midwest Regional Conference 

Chicago (March 8, 2011)2011 is on track to be a year of growth and opportunity for the economy as well as defined contribution plan participants.  The Profit Sharing/401k Council of America (PSCA) will share the good news and arm plan sponsors with the information they need to manage their plans at the Midwest Regional Conference on March 23, 2011 in Chicago.

“Plan sponsors need to understand the new developments affecting the defined contribution industry,” said David Wray, president of PSCA.  “The future is looking bright for defined contribution plans sponsors and participants. We want to educate plan sponsors so they have the tools they need to navigate the evolving landscape of defined contribution plans.”

Mr. Wray’s presentation at the Midwest Regional Conference, and annual one-day educational event, will focus on challenges that plan sponsors will need to confront as they manage their plans. Using data from PSCA’s latest comprehensive benchmarking survey, the 53rd Annual Survey of Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans, Mr. Wray will share the latest trends that will become the framework of the future of the defined contribution industry. Information about PSCA’s latest research can be found at

PSCA’s Midwest Regional Conference will also feature a general session about the latest legal and legislative developments that are affecting defined contribution plans.  Wayne Finnegan, who represents ING, will present a keynote session informing plan sponsors how to excite their participants to action.  Also, a panel of plan sponsors will discuss the automatic features that they have introduced to their defined contribution plans that have helped their participants better prepare for retirement.

The conference’s afternoon agenda will feature a variety of concurrent workshops, including:

  • Selecting Best-in-Class Investment Managers
  • Observations, Options, and Outcomes
  • Can You Provide Income for Life for Your 401(k) Plan Participants? How In-Plan Retirement Income Solutions Can Help
  • Rethinking Investment Structures to Improve Plan Utilization and Participant Outcomes
  • What You May Not Know About our Investment Advisor
  • The New Word Order: ReDefining Contributions
  • Issues Facing 403(b) Plan Sponsors
  • The Future of DC Plans Has Arrived 

PSCA regional conferences are the premier one-day events providing the latest education and information affecting defined contribution plans today.  The one-day registration fee ($350 for PSCA members, $495 for non-members) includes all general session and concurrent workshops, as well as breakfast, lunch, and access to the conference exhibit hall.  Attendees can register online and view detailed agenda information at

“For more than 60 years, PSCA has championed employer-sponsored retirement plans for thousands of companies and millions of American workers,” Mr. Wray said.  “Through our education efforts, publications and conferences, PSCA has presented industry thought leaders who have provided insights and support to help plan sponsors and their employee plan participants build a world-class retirement system.”

Disclosure — We have no commercial relationship with PSCA.


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