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Gender Differences in Web Use

Men are more likely to use the internet to:

  • Read the news
  • Buy travel services or make reservations
  • Check sports scores and gather sports information
  • Stay updated on political news
  • Participate in online auctions, such as ebay
  • Write content to publish online
  • Download music
  • Buy and sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds

A Forrester study done in 2007 also showed that on the average men tend to stay online longer and devote more time to online entertainment and researching technical gadgets.

Women use the internet to:

  • Get health information
  • Read spiritual and religious information
  • Gain access and participate in support group websites
      • 62.3% of women use the internet as their primary source for information on the products they were considering purchasing.
      • 51.7% of the women studied use the internet as the primary way to keep in touch with their families
    • A few other interesting statistics that were provided in a different study done by Burst Media in the beginning of 2009 stated the following:


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