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New Linked In Networking Group:Best Practices: Retirement Plan Sponsors+HR Leaders. Sales and spam-free.

We have been asked to form a plan sponsor and HR executive-focused Linked In group that is sales and spam free and a safe forum to network, share experiences/resources and engage in civil exchanges and real-life problem-solving.  

Plan sponsors staff and executives just don’t feel safe sharing on advisor and provider-centric Linked In groups.  Plus, the level of expertise is usually the lowest common denominator and usually focused 150% on selling something — now!  That’s fine — although not sure of the value to exchanging views with other sales people.

This Linked In group will be different and focused on plan sponsors, staff and executives who are direct stakeholders in retirement plans.  Feel free to invite clients know and they will be treated with respect.  Let us know ahead of time and we’ll make them welcome.

We have started other similar Linked In groups and the format works well.  It take awhile to get off the ground, however.

Here is a link to join the group.

Disclosure: We offer no products of services to plans, plans sponsors or participants.  


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March 21, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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