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Writing Tips from NYT

We’re in an age of fast-moving news and virtually instant reaction

  • Our editors try to approach articles as average readers who know nothing about the subject. 
  • They may ask if a point is clear, if a writer needs transitional language to bridge the gap between two seemingly separate points, if a leap of logic has been made without sufficient explanation.
  • To make a piece as clear and accessible as possible, the editor may add a transition, cut a section that goes off point or move a paragraph. 
  • If a description is highly technical, the editor may suggest language that lay readers will understand. 
  • If it isn’t clear what a writer is trying to say, the editor may take a guess, based on what he knows from the author, and suggest more precise language. (There are also times when we do precious little.)

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March 26, 2011 at 9:12 am

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