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Creating Optimal Decisions – Argue in a Diverse Group

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This make sense because this is the way science, law, etc. come to decisions.

“When people are in groups and argue about logical, mathematical or factual problems, they robustly converge on the best solution.”

J. Lehrer posted on this, here:  The Reason We Reason — but we beat him to it “Using Reasoning to Persuade: Making Sense of “Irrationality” + How Reasoning Helps Groups But Also Drives Bad Behavior” —

“….reasoning can lead us towards the truth, if only we reason with people who disagree with us to start with.  we suggest that reasoning can still lead us to better beliefs and decisions. The trick is to rely more on reasoning in group and, more specifically, on the evaluation of arguments as opposed to their production. The production of arguments is biased–as you describe. But argument evaluation ought to be fairly objective: after all, in many cases you’re better off being convinced rather than clinging to false beliefs. “


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May 5, 2011 at 5:50 pm

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