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BrightScope Principals Show Securities Law Violation in 2008 As Brokers

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The Brightscope owners Mike Alfred and his brother Ryan, were fined for an inappropriate sale of a variable annuity when brokers.  They were employed by AXA Advisors then.  It appears, quoting the report, that variable annuities sold by the Alfred brothers were deemed: “…unsuitable, irresponsible, not reasonably needed and lacking a strategy for risk management.”  The fine was $135,000.00.

Please see the FINRA public information reports linked to below:

It is very concerning that two people who so aggressively preach disclosure and transparency in all other, while questioning other integrity,  fail the same test themselves.  But predictable.

Is it appropriate for licensed professionals with this background to be on national media making any sorts of claims and pronouncements about the industry and markets — let alone other advisors or plan sponsors or plans?  We think not.

It seems odd that an industry journalist or editor would not have checked on this background before this and brought it to the attention of the professional community.  Why have they not been subject to the same scrutiny they loudly demand for others?

The industry and community should hold these two men accountable for their actions.


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May 6, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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  1. Turns out they do operate an RIA. Doesn’t change anything of my prior comments though.

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