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Positive Fantasies Sap Motivation

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“Fantasies that are less positive – that question whether an ideal future can be achieved, and that depict obstacles, problems and setbacks – should be more beneficial for mustering the energy needed to obtain success.”

Reams of research shows that indulging in positive fantasies actually makes people’s fantasised ambitions less likely to become reality because positive fantasies are de-energising.

They “make energy seem unnecessary.  By allowing people to consummate a desired future”, positive fantasies trigger the relaxation that would normally accompany actual achievement, rather than marshaling the energy needed to obtain it.

Positive fantasies about a pressing need are particularly de-energising.

Positive fantasies are likely to scupper your changes of obtaining your goals. “Instead of promoting achievement, positive fantasies will sap job-seekers of the energy to pound the pavement, and drain the lovelorn of the energy to approach the one they like.

excerpted from:  Why positive fantasies make your dreams less likely to come true — by CHRISTIAN JARRETT  •  MAY 25, 2011


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June 6, 2011 at 5:34 pm

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