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Preparing Your Business for a Transition – First Steps: Valuation and Marketing Presentation

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In considering a sale, merger or transition for your business, generally there are two important first steps.  At Rich & Co. (R&C) we are unique in offering this service.  Since I represent both buyers and sellers, it is mandatory that our valuations and opinions and information be independent, transparent, balanced and fair.:

  1. Preparing a professional valuation — It is important that this be done independently and by someone familiar with the intricacies of the business and immediate awareness of what the premium buyers want to maximize your value.
  2. Creating the initial marketing campaign materials and making some early introductions — We will prepare the full materials needed to successfully obtain the best price and terms for your business and future participation.

1. Preparing a Valuation – Tasks

We will asses and record the following in our determination of an optimal value for your business:

A. History of the Firm and Public Reputation – Your Advantages: We do an in-depth analysis of the history of the firm and the current reputation values in your market and community. Buyers want to acquire an established brand and professional presence in key markets.

B. Operational and P&L Statement Items

  • Current Systems and Software Usage and Licenses
  • Staffing and Personnel
  • Operational Procedures and Processes
  • Outsourced Relationships and Operational/Service Partnerships, Legal and Accounting
  • Current Products, Services and Offerings and Their Operational Needs and Support

C. Growth Opportunities

  • Current Sales and Marketing Systems and Procedures
  • Existing Distribution and Sales Relationships/Partnerships
  • Marketing and Sales Materials and Resources

D. Balance Sheet Items

  • Current Legal Structure and Obligations
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Rents, Leases, Equipment Contracts

2. Preparation of Full Marketing Materials and Selected Introductions – Tasks

  • Translation of Valuation Findings Into “Deal Book” Fully Describing the Opportunity
  • Creation of Online/Web and Email Marketing Materials to Notify Selected Prospects of Opportunity
  • Responding to and Pre-Qualifying Initial Interests
  • Making 1-2 Initial Introductions


Written by Rich and Co.

July 2, 2012 at 3:57 pm

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