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Illinois Protection of Sales Commissions

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Illinois Protects Sales Reps from Losing out on Commission
… But Illinois lawmakers wanted to be sure to protect these workers from companies that would try to get away with not paying them their final commissions.

The Illinois Sales Representative Act is aimed at holding companies accountable for paying their sales reps their earned commission, even after termination. The sales rep act says that the company has to pay you all your earned commissions within 13 days of your termination. Or if they have not come due yet, then they have to be paid within 13 days of the time they became due.

The lawmakers did not take this lightly either. They put some serious muscle behind the law. For starters, the company cannot even ask you to sign a contract that gets rid of the protections of this law. Any such contract provision will be considered invalid.

Also, there are serious penalties for businesses that violate the sales rep act.

If your commissions are not paid when they should be according to the law, then they could owe you attorneys’ fees and court costs in addition to the money you’re already owed, to compensate you for having to bring the action in courtIn cases where the company’s conduct was particularly outrageous, the law also allows for paying you extra money damages that are designed to punish and to prevent others from doing this to their sales representativesThe company could have to pay you an additional amount which can be as much as three times what they owed you in commissionsIf you can show that your money was withheld because of some evil intention or complete lack of regard for what was right, then you may be able to receive these additional damages.


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August 13, 2012 at 11:24 pm

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