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Increased M+A Activity This Fall

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We are seeing an increase in M&A activity likely with the tax uncertainty and also demographic pressure from increasing numbers of owners reaching retirement age.

We represent both buyers and sellers in transition transactions. Contact us to learn about the latest market conditions. We also provide valuations and initial assessments and marketing programs to help optimize value.

 Business Sale: Maximize Your Price!

After all the preparations are completed, it is time to get down to the steps of actually selling your company. A successful business sale transaction requires that you address the following:

  • Generating qualified buyer leads.
  • Handling buyer meetings and requests for information.
  • Reviewing offers, structuring and negotiating all the elements of a deal.
  • Collaborating with the buyer during the due diligence and closing.

You will become aware of prospective buyer interest through your broker or your own advertising efforts. An important part of your marketing campaign is to find qualified buyers — those with the means, the plan, and the determination to see a successful business purchase through. Having a good idea of who your buyers are is essential in saving the time and effort needed to successfully sell your business. And running the business at its top performance is just as important — most good buyers will want to know how the business is doing in the most recent time period prior to the sale.


Written by Rich and Co.

August 15, 2012 at 3:46 pm

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