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ESOP Offerings Are Being Used to Target Your Best Clients

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Most large financial services firms now have dedicated in-house or resources for selling their ESOP transaction capabilities.  Investment banks, some securities firms and large commercial banks are rifle-targeting closely-held and family businesses as a way to acquire new clients, relationships and assets.

Your can be sure — YOUR BEST CLIENTS ARE ON THE TARGET LISTS of these firms.

Any financial services firm or lawyers, accountant, bank or allied professional who introduces the idea of an ESOP to a business owner, has an immediate entry to all the other business and relationships.

You will also likely be excluded from any transactions and relationships.  You will certainly be excluded if you don’t know anything about ESOPs.

We have a way for you to stay involved and protect your client relationships and professional reputation.

ESOP Solutions™ was created to deliver best-of-breed ESOP transaction services to business owners and their advisors to supplement existing relationships in the narrow technical are of ESOP feasibility and execution.

Contact me confidentially, to learn more.


Written by Rich and Co.

August 28, 2012 at 6:09 pm

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