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ESOPs Are Complicated – But ESOP Solutions™ Makes Them Manageable and Optimal

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More and more Baby Boomer business owners are looking for liquidity to fund their extended, and expensive, retirements and family legacies.  Selling a business now can be problematic:

  • Banks aren’t lending
  • Multiples are at historical lows
  • Business continuity may be broken
  • Owners and families are looking for tax advantages

An ESOP is a proven solution that has been around along time.  It is not for every business transition,  but for the right one an ESOP has many immediate and long-term benefits.  ESOP Solutions™ delivers a turnkey, best-of-breed solution.  Contact us to discuss confidentially.

However, ESOP can be complicated and demand a team of seasoned professionals and top firms to support.   It is hard to business owners and their advisors to educate themselves about ESOP provisions, find professional support and engage the needed parties.

ESOP Solutions™ was created to deliver best-of-breed ESOP transaction services to business owners and their advisors to supplement existing relationships in the narrow technical are of ESOP feasibility and execution.


Written by Rich and Co.

August 28, 2012 at 5:09 pm

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