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Content Publishing Best Practices – Maybe

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These comments seem worthwhile to pay attention to.

Take Aways

  • readers don’t care about the mechanics of how they get their stuff, movies, music, TV or news — they just want it to be where they are, when they’re there.
  • It’s not seat-of-the-pants intuition; it’s about ideas tested and the data that results that leads to new ideas about how to snare customers.
  • “remove the distinction between digital/web analytics and everything else we do with data, because we found that the distinction wasn’t valid any longer since everyone has to think about digital data.”

It’s an important point in an increasingly paywalled world: Build [web] registration [collect emails] as well as subscribers.[customers]

Here are some of the key functions and roles in current marketing.  Someone or something needs to do these roles:

  • Data Science  – build statistical models and do multi-dimensional data analysis to understand how customers behave.
  • Data Intelligence – uses integrated data to tell stories …[to all stakeholders] about what’s happening among customers [prospects and the target market] The idea: Translate customer learning to actually inform strategy.
  • Reporting and Management Information – answer questions as they arise from business managers.
  • Campaign Management – focuses on, among other tasks, juicing [sales and marketing]. It’s a spin on propensity modeling: How likely is this set of potential [targets] to respond to this kind of offer, given what [we know] about those target’s interests?

The Main Goal – “A strong focus on “revenue optimization,” spread across all the [functions] 


Written by Rich and Co.

March 14, 2013 at 8:50 pm

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