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Don’t Lose Your Professional Reputation: Why Your Must Digitize Your Professional Reputation and Do Problem-Solving Videos

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We help our clients digitize their existing and create new digital intellectual capital.  Rather than digital information being a secondary, casual or “nice to have” part of your intellectual capital and professional “equity” – digital information is now the primary asset of your reputation and professional practice.

If everything that reflects on your profesional reputation is not digitized — you lose.  Contact me at new rules for professional reputation building and protection have been set.  Anything to do with your business, firm and practice that has not been digitized will never show up in online searches and is lost.

Effectively, all information is now gathered and read, watched or listen to online and electronically.  If anything about you and your firm has not been digitized in writing, video or audio content – it cannot be searched or shared online.  This kind of information is now invisible and of little value to your business.  This includes information that is:

  • In your head
  • Printed on paper
  • Kept printed on paper in binders or in your office
  • Verbally shared, only

For example, emails discussions are more valuable than phone calls, because the general business information and intellectual capital electronically written email can be shared online in a variety of settings.

If you do a conference call and share you problem-solving intellectual property (IP) – and it is not recorded – it is lost forever.

You will end-up reinventing the wheel with any information that is not digitized.



Written by Rich and Co.

May 12, 2013 at 7:33 pm

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