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Neuromarketers and Neuroecon Folks Just Get It Wrong

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Cognitive models of behavior cannot be true since all of the definitions of consciousness-subjective experiences-thinking etc are human-based or anthropomorphic.

If other animals don’t have it is can’t be biologically fundamental.  I suspect marketers want to focus on biologically-medically-physiologically fundamental processes.

–  The brain is just another organ of the body
–  All physiological matters are medical
–  All medical research is based on biologically universal cellular processes – across species.  Animal models must track any human biological-behavior claims.  they must.
–  By definition, all other animals have similar behavior to consumer behaviors.  The behaviors that make-up consumption had to “descend” from earlier animal behaviors in feeding, mating, and social behaviors, of course.
–  Buying behavior is really just applied psychiatry and neurology

The rules and models for medical research are very clear and well understood.  Why do n-marketers and n-econ folks think they are going to create anything new or useful outside of medical and biological research?  Because clients are willing to pay for these efforts?

N-marketing and n-econ purposefully ignores all the tenets of science, biology, medicine and physiology.  Who are they trying to fool?


Written by Rich and Co.

September 17, 2014 at 3:51 pm

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