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“…breaking down group boundaries to increase the spread of knowledge across populations may ultimately result in less-effective knowledge sharing.”

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…Instead, his research shows that best practices and complex ideas are more readily integrated across populations if some degree of group boundaries is preserved.

“There’s a belief that the more that people interact with strangers, the more that new ideas and beliefs will spread…(but)….What this study shows is that preserving group boundaries is actually necessary for complex ideas to become accepted across diverse populations.”

This is especially true for adopting new solutions to hard problems. In business settings, for example, a new piece of information about a stock price might not require strong social reinforcement in order to spread. But a more nuanced idea, such as what is considered an acceptable way to conduct business or how to respond to a new “green” initiative, can require strong social support to diffuse throughout a company. The success of a new initiative can depend upon group structures that can grow widespread support across a large organization.

“It could be that the Internet is in fact set up and operates in such a way as to allow easier coordination on complex ideas,” he said.

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June 29, 2015 at 2:48 pm

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