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Radio Rules: “According to a 2015 Nielsen Audio Today report, 91 percent of Americans age 12 or older listen to the radio each week, and the vast majority of those listeners are in the work force (which means they have money to spend). According to another Nielsen study, advertisers achieve more than $6 of incremental sales for every $1 spent on the radio. “

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Forget sappy social media, stick with radio where the data and numbers are getting better:

“The People Meters debuted in Philadelphia and Houston in 2007; the following year, the system expanded to Los Angeles and other markets. Based on the early results from those initial cities, which showed that more men were listening to radio than previously thought, Clear Channel decided to give KYSR-FM (98.7) a makeover in 2008. The onetime Star 98.7, with its soft rock hits aimed at a predominantly female audience, was transformed into a harder-edged alternative station aimed at guys, not their girlfriends. The result: By July 2010, it was a top 5 station, having increased its average weekly audience from 2.01 million people to 2.35 million in two years.”

The new figures also showed that most radio listening wasn’t in weekday mornings (6-10 a.m.), as had been thought, but midday (10 a.m.-3 p.m.): There was more at-work listening than previously reported. And there wasn’t much drop-off at other times, or on weekends.


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July 19, 2015 at 5:15 pm

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