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“Best crisis managers are not what you would expect”

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The key areas to assess are leadership, extraversion and emotional stability. Furthermore, specific predictor scales, including those assessing ‘variety seeking’, ‘self-discipline’ and ‘need for rules’ enhance prognosis.The most effective crisis managers show strong preferences for variety at work and keep their cool when operating outside of their comfort zones. Those who demonstrate more self-discipline and stick to the rules are considered less effective at dealing with a crisis…”In a crisis situation, things change at a rapid pace, with new information arriving at any time.

Decisions that have far reaching consequences need to be made within short timeframes. Our research, using simulations to recreate these stressful and tense scenarios, suggests that those who retain their cool whilst operating outside their comfort zones, and are comfortable with ambiguous situations, are more effective crisis managers.”

The research, a preliminary and exploratory study, was established to determine whether psychological assessments such as PAPI could be of benefit in selecting and training candidates for a role in crisis management. 82 participants took part in disaster simulation exercises and were asked to complete a series of personality questionnaires. Then they were assessed on their performance by experts.


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January 18, 2016 at 3:07 pm

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