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Behavior Is Increasingly Looking to Be Automatic and Completely Beyond any Conscious Control

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The popular/cognitive/folklore ideas about control of behavior continue to unravel.  The more we look, the more automatic and robotic behavior looks….and the more empty and flawed folklore beliefs about controlling behavior look. Darn it…

So new study, in mice suggesting that, behavior is triggered, decided and controlled very early in the perceptual system of the senses, based on the hormonal state of the individual. The brain isn’t even engaged in decision making.

So the nose, eyes, ears and very old and primitive systems of the senses, makes a relate of behavioral “decisions” the brain isn’t even engaged.

So, based on how your body system is set-up, based on genetics and early experience, pre-sets the perceptual systems to “decide” behavior. Mainly by either blocking out perception of stimuli and responses or effecting perceptual sensitivity – thus, more automatic behaviors.

“And finally we think that this has thrown off our whole roadmap for how we study the information coding because one of the properties we thought was a key feature of what the brain is doing, was finding in this situation, it’s happening right out here where we thought the only information passed on was what’s in the environment instead it’s able to make an if-then decision about whether the neuron should fire based on whether the animal is in one internal state or another. So we’re very interested in this now rethinking about how–what we look for and how we study the down stream circuit and more over we will spend a bit more time looking at those other receptors in the periphery and be able to understand it because we think to be able to jump in and start to study, these neuroresponses here is virtually impossible if you don’t know what’s passed on in the periphery.”



Written by Rich and Co.

February 29, 2016 at 4:37 pm

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