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“Risk-Takers Are Smarter, According To A New Study”

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Do you often take chances and yet still land on your feet? Then you probably have a well-developed brain.

More superhighways among risk-seekers…Images from brain scans revealed that those who made quick decisions and took chances during driving simulations had significantly more white matter than those who hesitated…

…these young men are active and seek out challenges — both out of curiosity and a hunger to experience learning and a sense of mastery over their environment. This stimulates their brains and so their actions display a fantastic combination of playfulness, seriousness and enjoyment.

“All the positive brain chemicals respond under such conditions, promoting growth factors that contribute to the development of the robust neural networks that form the basis of our physical and mental skills,” says Moe. “The point here is that if you’re going to take risks, you have to have the required skills. And these have to be learned. Sadly, many fail during this learning process — with tragic consequences. So this is why we’re wording our findings with a Darwinian slant — it takes brains to take risks,”

How do risk-takers think?… high risk-seekers didn’t hesitate for long before they made their decisions. Their optimism, willingness to take a chance, and belief that they would win determined their decision.

Low risk-seekers, on the other hand, found themselves in a dilemma. Should they take a chance?

White matter — Analysis of the white matter in the two groups also revealed major differences.

“Daring and risk-willingness activate and challenge the brain’s capacity and contribute towards learning, coping strategies and development,”


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March 21, 2016 at 10:41 pm

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