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The Con Artist: “He adapts constantly his behavior to the other. It’s constantly a lie,”

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This is the world’s greatest con artist

PARIS — The man who nearly stole over 70 million euros ($78.4 million) from France’s business and banking elite is a serial manipulator who sees fraud not as a crime but as a way of life, according to those behind a new film based on the con artist’s exploits.

“…an unstoppable seduction machine…For him it’s a job, it’s definitely not a con.”

…heists were astounding in their daring. With a little background research and a well-placed phone call, Chikli could cajole or bluster his way into organizing the transfer of several hundred thousand, a million or even millions of euros to bank accounts in Dubai, Russia, China or Hong Kong.

His victims put down the phone convinced they were speaking to their boss or to a genuine French spy…When tricks or charm didn’t work, Chikli turned to bullying; another employee was threatened with losing her job if she didn’t immediately organize the transfer of nearly $2 million to the UK.

“He adapts to his interlocutor, that’s what’s crazy…He improvises. He reacts. He riffs off what you’re saying and gives you back what you want to hear.”

…how “bankers who make thousands of euros and went to fancy schools let themselves be hoodwinked by a simple guy on the phone.”

Elbaz said he found it difficult to get access to the man behind the con. “He adapts constantly his behavior to the other. It’s constantly a lie,” he said.


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March 28, 2016 at 6:07 pm

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