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“The ways in which inequality is increasing, particularly in the UK and US, has nothing to do with people’s incomes, but to do with their [inwealth and life choices, something that is much harder for governments to influence.”

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inequality of wealth is double that of income. The surge in house prices will have been behind the most recent increase

then –

“…as income inequality rises in a particular state, the voting patterns of its senators shift.

“Increases in income inequality in senators’ home states move Republicans in a more conservative direction,” he reports, “resulting in a systematic increase in the difference in ideological positions for Republicans and non-Southern Democrats.”

Democrats, he adds, “respond to the same increases in state income inequality by moving moderately (but significantly) in the liberal direction.”

In summary, “High levels of income inequality generate high levels of political polarization in state electorates, and both income inequality and political polarization exhibit a strong influence on partisan polarization among U.S. senators.”


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April 10, 2016 at 5:44 pm

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