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“…narcissism appears to help people rise to the top, but narcissism isn’t linked with long-term leadership success,”

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…narcissism is becoming more acceptable to Americans than in previous generations, whether or not you dispute the claim that self-absorption is on the rise…”Don’t people need to be narcissistic and self-centered to succeed?'” …narcissism was linked with performance, at least in presidents. The more narcissistic the president, the more likely he was to excel in crisis management, agenda setting and public persuasiveness. In other words, narcissism has its upsides.

“Narcissists are typically charming and well-received by others, at least in the short term…They’re often extroverted, which people find appealing. They also tend to be high on disagreeableness, a personality trait marked by unpleasantness, and in the short term, a certain amount of unpleasantness can be appealing, too,

In general, narcissism appears to help people rise to the top, but narcissism isn’t linked with long-term leadership success, found a 2015 review of research published in the journal Personnel Psychology. In one of the reviewed studies, researchers assigned strangers to groups that met over a 12-week period. Narcissistic tendencies predicted who would take on leadership roles in the groups at first, but not later, the researchers reported in the journal Personality and Individual Differences in January 2015.

“Despite enjoying a honeymoon period of leadership, the appeal and attractiveness of the narcissistic leader rapidly wane,” the researchers wrote.

Thus, while an ego like Trump’s may charm, narcissists’ long-term leadership capabilities are more questionable.

“As politics becomes more of a public performance, it draws people higher in narcissism,” Twenge said. “So we will end up with more politicians who are charismatic and confident and who we like in the short term, but more who disappoint us in the long run.”

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May 22, 2016 at 6:30 pm

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