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“Selecting the top 0.01% in ability identified an inordinate number of future innovators, corporate leaders, and builders of modern economies. IQ > 160”

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“To avoid giving the impression that only ability matters, we want to emphasize the importance of opportunity and its role in creating excellence. Not only is opportunity critical, but if routinely seized (i.e., commitment), it leads to more and even rarer opportunities for sharpening expertise —an iterative process leading to further opportunities to develop and distinguish oneself. Accomplishment builds on and further enables accomplishment, technical innovation, and advances in the frontiers of knowledge.”Opportunity and initial ability level are important, but so is ability pattern. Ability level structures the magnitude, or degree, of accomplishment, whereas ability pattern guides the path of development into a particular domain…

Empirical evidence firmly reveals that for both typically developing college students and intellectually talented top-1% students, spatial ability adds value (incremental validity) to measures of mathematical and verbal reasoning ability “


Written by Rich and Co.

June 1, 2016 at 7:48 pm

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