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Only the Instant: There Is No Place for Knowledge and Thought In the World Anymore

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Like wealth, knowledge and intellectual work seems to be going the way of the 1%. The brains of the public are voting with their eyeballs, clicks and feet and they are mainly chasing after cat videos, celebrity gossip and pop entertainment. Work and professions where knowledge, facts, professionalism and thoughtful, intellectual learning, study and knowledge are shrinking from lack of interest and financial support. Many are under attack.Human behavior and biology follows patterns, because fo the underlying physics. We can guess that as wealth is concentrating in the 1%, so too will knowledge, skillls and intellectual ability. We can predict that knowledge and intellectual work will devolve back to how it has been during most of human history, isolated and kept in trust – away from the general population. Already knowledge workers are becoming like monks – poor, cloistered and mainly existing on “bread and water” and in, effectively, monasteries.

Already the best scientists, academics, artists and true novel thinkers take their professional ”life” into their hands if they try to reach out to the public. They certainly risk their funding and many have been professional “burned” as

The number of journalists is being halved, regularly. Artists and creative workers of all stripes make no money anymore. Institutions of higher eduction are devolving into trade schools or ideological cryonic vaults. Pop culture, which includes media and politics, aggressive attacks anything that isn’t immediately salable and arousing. Let’s remember, “fake news” exists because our brains want it, crave it! Gimme, gimme!, gimme! The most successful media is the least knowledgable and most anti-intellectual. Fox News has accelerating. Our brains worst instincts always win. That’s why they still exist!

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April 9, 2017 at 6:39 pm

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