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“…information that comes to people via introspection can be quite misleading.”

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“it can be problematic when people place too much emphasis on their own introspections when seeking self-understanding…

Important advances in psychology have shown that information that comes to people via introspection can be quite misleading.  The reason why this is the case is that people’s judgments and actions sometimes are influenced by factors that operate outside of conscious awareness, and therefore are inaccessible via introspection.

For example, people sometimes form opinions about things without being aware that they are doing so…This can lead to an “introspection illusion” because it involves a false impression (or illusion) about the value of one’s introspections…

  • individuals are likely to believe that they have free will because they find internally-available information (e.g., feelings of possibilities, intentions, choices) compelling, whereas when considering others, they do not have access to this information. Thus, individuals are likely to believe in determinism when considering the choices and behaviors of others.
  • The second set of studies examines the actor-observer effect, in which people tend to explain their own behavior as reflecting situational influences and to explain others’ behaviors as reflecting their internal stable dispositions. The researcher will examine a possible underlying cause of this classic effect as well as a potential re-framing of the precise nature of the effect.

Understanding these processes is of crucial importance because of the role that they play in generating and exacerbating human misunderstanding and conflict. This research aims to improve society’s ability to prevent and effectively overcome conflict by testing ways to mitigate people?s susceptibility to harmful biases, and also by paving the way for future work aimed at improving people’s ability to perspective-take across the self-other divide.


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June 24, 2017 at 4:44 pm

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